An immersive journey to the meditative present through Korean contemporary art
Seoul, September 2022


Meditation & Meaning

마음챙김, 명상, 그리고 의미

Date: September 1 - 30, 2022 (Press Day: August 31, VIP Preview and Special Events September 1-4 during Frieze Art Fair)

Venue: Villa de Parnell (192 Bakgok-ro, Baegam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

An immersive, multi-sensory exhibition highlighting cross-generational Korean artists on the theme of mindfulness and meditation

마음챙김과 명상을 테마로 깊이있게 관통하는 한국미학을 담아, 세대를 넘나드는 다양한 한국 예술가들의 작품세계를 다감각적으로 조명하는 몰입형 전시

Mind:full:ness is a welcoming invitation into an immersive journey of multi-sensory meditation through Korean contemporary art. Celebrating the arrival of Frieze Seoul and the emergence of the country as a global art hub, this exhibition highlights an array of Korean artists of our time whose creative universes align and capture the DNA of Korean identity. Alongside the cultural diaspora of Korean cinema, music, fashion and other genres, Korean art has gathered profound international interest and appreciation for its universal relevance and sophisticated aesthetics. 

The art of Dansaekhwa, Korean monochrome painting, has become an iconic representation of Korean modernism and a reflection on the process of creation itself as an inner journey pivotal for the artist. From world-renown Dansaekhwa masters to post-movement emerging artists, the constant search for capturing essence and its contemplative nature have been key characteristics passed through generations transcending various mediums and methods. Art that may seem simple from afar, is found intricate and complex up close; it is the ultimate testimony to the artist’s meditative experience paralleling the process of filling, emptying, and repeating. Channeling this cycle as a meditative method sparked a vision to create a parallel environment at large and take a step further: a meditation initiative that offers to ‘empty’ the cluttered mind by ‘filling’ it with the surrounding present, by which art serves as a wholesome catalyst to inspire, heal, and foster a personal narrative.

Merging these core elements into a multi-sensory experience, this exhibition explores art as a physical medium to create a spiritual healing and emotional awakening. Inspired by Eastern ideas of harmony and balance, the detailed spatial curation invites the audience to engage in a multitude of ways. Whether by focusing on each encounter with the artworks, participating in a tea ceremony followed by a soundbath, or practicing immersive yoga in the calming space, the interactive program allows to connect with senses as a response to the present moment. By definition in its essential focus on the “here and now”, mind:full:ness embarks a journey of meditation and discovery of purpose through the layered meanings of Korean contemporary art.